How to make payment:

In bank deposit: Tuition and other fees may be paid at any NCB, Sagicor Bank or First Global Bank branch. Parents must submit (email submission accepted at a copy of the deposit slip to the bursar for confirmation of payment. Please ask the bursar for a copy of the schools banking information sheet if using this method.  

Online bank transfer: This can also be done via online bank transfer to the schools account at any of the above listed banks. Please ask the bursar for a copy of the schools banking information sheet if using this method.  Parents or guardians must insert the student’s name in the note section provided on the transfer platform so the school can identify the transfer AND also submit (email submission accepted at their transfer confirmation to the bursar.

In office payment: Payments can be made at the school office via cash, cheque or debit/credit card. 

*Please contact the bursar for the current exchange rate where necessary.


Enrollment Fee:

Jamaican resident families are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable enrolment fee of JMD$20,000.00 per child on acceptance. Non-resident families are required to pay a one-time, non-refundable enrolment fee of USD$1,500 per child on acceptance. This may be paid in the equivalent Jamaican dollars. Please contact the bursar for the current exchange rate. This fee is separate from the general registration fee paid when submitting your application.



Families with more than one child at Reach Academy will be given a discount of $10,000.00 on tuition of the youngest child. This same discount applies to families who have more than two children at Reach Academy. This discount will only be given to the youngest child from the family. No further discounts will be offered to families who have more than two children at the school.


Families with one or more children at Building Blocks Preschool (our sister school) will modafinil for sale of $5,000.00 on tuition. If a family has one or more children enrolled at Building Blocks and more than one child enrolled at Reach Academy this discount will be applied to their youngest child’s tuition only.


When fees are due, payment plans & the administrative fee:

All fees (tuition, lunch, activities etc) are due in full at the beginning of each school term. The bursar must receive full payment or proof of payment by the Friday of the first week of the term. The school provides a payment plan where parents or guardians can make full payment in two installments by the specified date listed in the footer of the terms invoice. Any accounts with balances after this specified date (listed in footer of terms invoice) will attract an administrative fee of $3,000.00.  Where parents or guardians choose to pay in two installments by this specified date, they must make part payment at the beginning of the term.


Parents or guardians who wish to pay fees on a plan outside of the listed two-payment option must submit a proposed payment plan to the bursar at before the beginning of the term for consideration.


Students may be refused admission if fees are not paid within the prescribed time. Reports, transcripts and recommendations will be withheld until fees are paid. In addition, these documents will be withheld for non-payment of the fee in lieu of notice or other respective charges such as damage to books (rented through the book fee) or other school property.


Notice of withdrawal, fee in lieu of notice & space holding:

A terms notice, in writing (email submission is accepted – must be given to the office for withdrawal from the programme.  If this required notice is not provided the parent or guardian will be liable to pay one terms fee in lieu of this notice. Note that the summer break is not considered a term. The academic year comprises of three terms: Christmas, Easter & Summer. Please see Parent/Student Handbook for greater details.


If a student withdraws after a term has commenced, the fees for that term will not be refunded.


If a student is withdrawing for a term and the parent or guardian wishes to hold the students space to return for another term the parent or guardian will have phentermine pills online to pay the entire terms tuition for every term the space is held.


Extra-curricular activities:

These fees are provided to parents and guardians at the beginning of the school year and resent as a reminder at the beginning of each term.  Contact the office for additional information at


*Reach Academy reserves the right to adjust all fees and currency exchange rates at any time without prior notice.


Updated: March 31, 2019