We use the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH) curriculum and also follow the Ministry of Education’s National Standards Curriculum. Project work, field trips and the use of technology in the classrooms also enhance the learning process. In addition, the school offers Art, Spanish, Computer Science, Music, Guidance and Physical Education as time tabled subjects.

Maia Pereira

Maia Pereira

Curriculum Coordinator

The HMH programme brings our classroom alive! It is comprehensive and rigorous, with higher-order thinking skills at the fore of every lesson. The content is diverse, and lends itself to differentiation – which is so important as every student is a unique learner. I am always amazed at how students are able to grow leaps-and-bounds given the right support and tools. At Reach, the HMH program has been an impactful tool!

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